Positive thinking.

Sustainability, digitalization, product development, omnichannel marketing, sales uplift? There are enough challenges that justify the cooperation of an agile, experienced as well as success-oriented manager, consultant and coach in order to master the challenges pragmatically and professionally.

Consulting + Coaching for Your Business Development 

My focus is on observing and analyzing where the optimization potential can be found. I support companies and organizations from the outside view, with my extensive general experience as a management partner who gives you ideas and helps find solutions.


→ General Management
→ Business Development
→ International Business
→ Go-to Market Management
→ Product + Service Development

→ Sustainable Management

→ Marketing Management
→ Human Resources and Relations
→ Coaching Techniques

If you like to optimize a situation, a non-binding discussion about your situation will help.

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Sustainable value strategy motivates employees and customers. Clear leadership needs clear goals.

The pressure to succeed leaves little room for a lack of adaptability and flexibility.

Look ahead instead of back in anger.

Every new start succeeds through good accompaniment of necessary change processes in order to credibly motivate the employees. I have experience and proven success in this area.

Every new beginning needs getting prepared in a good way.


I was born and raised in the Rhineland as a German-Greek. At the age of 27, I was responsible for the marketing of the European headquarters of the French fashion company SBG and have been familiar with the high pressure to perform in the economy from my early beginnings.

Working internationally in management and business consulting, I started to be interested in business psychology and meditation techniques in order to deal with the stress in myself and the teams in a positive way. By learning mental techniques to relax and strengthen the body and mind, I have maintained my health and high level of performance to this day.

Mindfulness strengthens people and organization.

Diplom-Bwt. Aristidis Selalmazidis

→ Studies in chemistry and biotechnology

→ German Business Diploma in International Management & Marketing, Sustainable Strategies

→ Continuing studies in social sciences & business psychology


Bookable for key-note speeches, workshops and advice.

With a strong understanding of people and medium-sized companies.

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“… Motivating, self-confident, connoisseur of the matter, thinking outside the box, with charm… everyone takes individual motivation…”

Martin Schulte, Director of Sales IC Steigenberger Group

"... anyone who can experience Aristidis Selalmazidis appreciates his own way of showing important insights, solutions and ways ..."


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